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Bags, pouches, clutch bags and purses available from Nest, in an array of contemporary and traditional colours and designs.

Bags for Women and Children

Our range of bags for women and children is the perfect accessory to complement any lifestyle. We offer elegant clutch bags, playful pouches, practical purses, chic bag straps, and even adorable bags for children!

For those wishing to update their style and organization, our bags for women and children include a range of designs and sizes. Whether you're searching for the perfect clutch for a night out, a compact pouch for essentials, a reliable everyday purse, or even a cool bag strap to customise your favourite tote, we have you covered.

And why should adults have all the fun? Our bags for children are designed to be extra fun!

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Double Pocket Shoulder Bag in Red
Purse with Phone Holder in Red
Purse with Phone Holder in Yellow
Glitter Stripe Bag Strap in Gold
Double Pocket Shoulder Bag in Orange
Purse with Phone Holder in Grey
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Fun Clutch Bags

Clutch bags are more than accessories; they're a form of “purse”-onal expression. Our collection of clutch bags highlights your personality and are available in a spectrum of colours and styles. 

You can choose from a range of designs that match your personal style. Whether you’re into vibrant bursts of colour, quirky patterns, or a chic elegant look, our bags are made for you. 

Zip Clutch Bag

Our zip clutch bags add an extra layer of security, knowing that your items won’t fall out! The clutch design exudes elegance, while the zippable closure shouts security! Our collection includes a variety of options!

Our leather coin purses are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. These handy (no pun intended) bags are perfect for a timeless sleek look, while still holding all your belongings.

For a truly unique touch, consider our personalized zip clutch

Our zip clutch bags are where fashion meets function! Take a look today and see what you can find!

Jellycat Bags

Our adorable collection of Jellycat bags is perfect for any parent looking for a cute bag for your child - to be honest, they’re perfect for an adult collector as well! 

A few of the bags that you can find in our range include our Jellycat Bartholomew Bear Bag, Jellycat Otto Sausage Dog Bag, Jellycat Amuseable Moon Bag, our Jellycat Amusable Sun Bag, and so many more!

Whether you’re a parent seeking to surprise your children or a collector of Jellycats, our Jellycat bags collection offers a range of choices that captivate hearts and ignite smiles. 

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