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Jellycat Toys

Jellycat toys are soft, cute and quirky in design and since 1999 have been delighting children and adults alike with their innovative characters! Jellycat teddies come in all shapes and sizes, with a range that is ever evolving. Made from the softest fabrics, Jellycat teddies are always made to the highest standards and specification making them one of the more sought-after toy ranges in the U.K.

Jellycat toys have grown to include many of the most popular animals and creatures you can think of, and beyond that, many you have never heard of! Jellycat teddies and bunnies are a hugely popular starting point for babies, along with their range of Jellycat nursery toys and comforters.

Jellycat amuseables are one of the most cute and imaginative ranges. Jellycat have added little faces to all manner of fruit and vegetables, cakes and sushi and even footballs and tennis balls, all incredibly clever and very lifelike! There is a Jellycat for everyone, the hardest part is deciding which one! It’s no surprise that Jellycat collectors are all over the world keeping their eyes out for the newest ranges which are always just around the Jellycat corner!

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Jellycat Books

Jellycat books are a wonderful and whimsical addition to the Jellycat toy range. Many of these wonderful hardback books are a story about one of their lovely Jellycat teddies. The books tell a story of the Jellycat characters, and their journey through the pages makes a wonderful story to read cuddling your favourite Jellycat toy, be it at bedtime or when it comes to time for some adventures from within your imagination! 

Some of our favourite story books are also our favourite Jellycat teddies! The Scruffy Puppy is a heartwarming tale reminding us not to judge each other by our appearance. This lovely book goes perfectly with Bashful Black and Cream Puppy. Elephants Can’t Fly is an inspirational story encouraging us to never give up, and Jellycat Fuddlewuddle Elephant would agree, and he goes perfectly with this book too.

Jellycat have also created a wonderful range of board books, each with a unique little extra fluffy tail to hold toddlers’ interest, plus squishy and textured pages to feel as you read along with the story. Once again, all these lovely books are based on a Jellycat toy to create the perfect matching gift.

Alongside the story books and the board books, Jellycat have created a wonderful range of soft baby books, suitable from birth, and just with the Jellycat toys they are soft and quirky and are bound to hold babies’ attention with squishy and crinkly pages, fluffy tails and cute faces, and colourful pages. They attach to a buggy too so can’t be lost and are there just in time to distract!


How to Clean a Jellycat

With all the endless fun and incredible adventures your Jellycat toys have, it’s no wonder that from time to time they need some TLC and a little freshen up! Who doesn’t love looking and feeling your best, and your Jellycat toy is no different!

All Jellycat teddies have laundry labels which have all the care instructions on them, so we advise that you always check this first.

All Jellycat toys that have a handwash label can be spot cleaned. To spot clean them use a mild soapy solution and gently clean the surface followed by a surface rinse of cold water. Pat dry with a towel and to get the fluffiness looking its absolute best, dry with a hairdryer on a cool setting.

Some Jellycat soothers and comforters may have machine wash labels. Read the label carefully. They usually suggest a 40 degree C wash. Pop them in a pillowcase or net bag to give them a gentler time in the washing machine. Never tumble dry or iron your Jellycat teddies!

If your little one is particularly attached to their favourite Jellycat toy, then we would suggest you buy a second and keep swapping them, so they are both thoroughly loved or hide it away and keep it in case of emergencies!

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