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Jellycat Bags

Our Jellycat bags are a practical (and adorable) take on the standard Jellycats. These bags are designed with the same attention to detail, creativity, and high-quality materials as Jellycats, making Jellycat bags popular among children and collectors alike.

Ready to jump into the adorable world of Jellycats?

Why Buy a Jellycat Bag?

Jellycat bags are an excellent gift for a friend (or yourself!). They feature adorable animals and objects - just like their plush toys. Not only do they capture the hearts of both kids and adults, but they come in various shapes and sizes, making them versatile and fun! From an Amuseable Cloud Bag to a Bartholomew Bear Bag - we've got all kinds of styles in stock!

The material they're made from is soft and huggable and can be used for all kinds of purposes - from an everyday purse to an adorable accessory to a school supplies bag. Personally, we think they made fantastic statement fashion accessories. There are Jellycat bags for all different styles, making them a great addition to a statement outfit.

They make great gifts as well! Is your niece's birthday coming up? Is your cousin starting back at school soon? Maybe you know a hard-core collector in your life! Regardless of the occasion, our Jellycat bags will be a gift to brighten their day and makes their year. Jellycat collectors have long been gathering the various types of Jellycats that have been created. These bags would be a welcome addition to a collection!

Jellycat bags are more than just functional accessories - they're adorable friends who can follow you everywhere you go. Whether you're looking for a cute and practical bag for a child, a collector's item, or a unique fashion statement, Jellycat bags offer a delightful option that brings joy and charm to everyday life.

Jellycat Bag Safety Care

We recommend these bags for children aged at least 3 years due to long strap on the bags.

Jellycat Bags That We Love

We're obsessed with these adorable bags. Some of our favourite include:

The Amuseable Cloud Bag is one of our most popular bags. This adorable cloud will keep all of your items safe and sound and is the perfect addition to any quirky cool outfit. Are you tired of the clouds? Brighten your day (and the world) with our adorable Sun Bag! Or perhaps you'd like a buddy to bring to the cinema with you? Our Popcorn Bag is just the Jellycat to tag along.


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