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Valentines Jellycat

It's finally here! The season of love!

Are you looking for a super cute gift for your special someone this year? We're talking about the kind of gifts that keep on giving. The ones that sit on your freshly made bed, looking up at you with a blank (but loving) stare. The ones that go on to live long happy lives, a sweet reminder of the love shared between two people. We have the answer: give the gift of Jellycat valentines this year!

Add a special touch to your Valentine's Day and surprise your loved one with a new friend from our Jellycat collection below!

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Jellycat Valentines

From bashful bunnies to hearts to a frog prince. Our collection of Jellycat toys makes it tough to choose just one! Our Jellycat toys capture the feeling of love between two people. They make the perfect Valentine's gifts and will be a friend for life.

Valentine's Day is the day to wear your hearts on your sleeve and express unexpressed love - no matter the size! Our Jellycat hearts come in various sizes, so space doesn't have to be a factor! Our large toys are around 17x19cm while our small toys are approximately 11x12cm. But if you're interested in even smaller (or different!) we offer keychain sizes and bags that can be brought everywhere!

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