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Women's Umbrellas

You're not going to want to miss out on our collection of adorable ladies' umbrellas.

Stay dry in the rain while expressing your style!

Just imagine this umbrella dutifully hanging on a hook by your door; cover on, wooden duck face staring up at the corner of the ceiling - just waiting for its moment to shine. To shine in the misty, grey rainy weather that is bound to come by a few times this week.

Or perhaps you'd rather keep your umbrella with you at all times? With the uncertainty that the weather brings each day, we don't blame you. These umbrellas come with a practical lightweight cover so that you can keep your umbrella in your bag while keeping it dry. This level of protection is important if you want to keep your items and documents from being ruined by the rain.

Ladies Umbrellas

Our umbrellas come in a range of colours. Giving you the opportunity to coordinate your stylish self with your favourite shade of umbrella! These folding ladies umbrellas with a case are the perfect size to carry with you in any occasion. Stay practical and show of your style with these adorable ladies umbrellas.

When Were Umbrellas Invented?

Umbrellas have been around since the need to stay dry in the rain was around! The first documented umbrellas go back as far as 3500BC. These came from China and were made from bamboo sticks and animal skins. These days umbrellas are made from wood, plastics, and metals, and are far more durable, portable, and stylish.

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