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Mens Umbrellas

Take a look through our collection of umbrellas for men. These umbrellas would make the perfect gift to stay dry and provide protection against the elements. The handles are made of high-quality birch wood, which lasts longer than your classic plastic umbrella. Not only that, but they come with a cover so that the items in your bag stay dry.

These stylish umbrellas are offered in a range of colours to suit your style. Stay protected from the rain and carry your favourite umbrella with you wherever you go!

Stylish Umbrellas For Any Man

Our range of men's umbrellas are not only made with high-quality material but are wind and rain resistant. Protect yourself from the elements (in style!) during your daily walk with an umbrella of your favourite colour.

Umbrellas on the go

If you always find yourself in questionable weather on the go, then these travel-friendly umbrellas are just for you! They fit easily into bags, totes, and briefcases. They're designed to be lightweight, and easy to travel with. Even after use in a storm, you can slide the cover on to keep your bag (and the items in it) protected from the excess water on the umbrella. 

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